Odors reported outside of Hanford’s AZ Tank Farm

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Odors reported outside of Hanford’s AZ Tank Farm

Three Hanford workers reported odors about 1 p.m. today at the 702-AZ facility just west of the AZ Tank Farm. None of the workers reported symptoms and, at this time, have chosen not to undergo medical evaluation.

The employees were performing calibrations on the 702-AZ ventilation continuous air monitor system and were not in an area that requires use of a supplied-air respirator. The workers opened the sample system cabinet and reported a burning electrical/musty/ammonia odor. Workers were instructed to leave the area, and access to the area was restricted.

Industrial hygiene technicians responded, and no elevated readings were identified. Additional air samples were collected and analyzed, and the results are at or below background levels. Access to the facility has been restored.

For more information about chemical vapors and the steps Washington River Protection Solutions has taken to protect employees, check out the extensive links provided on the hanfordvapors.com website.