Personal Whole Air Grab Sampler (Personal SUMMA)

The Personal Summa is a worker-operated personal whole-air grab sampler designed and operated to capture any vapors (COPCs) present at, or near, the workers breathing zone. The working unit includes a standard 450 ml stainless steel evacuated cylinder (Summa Can) in conjunction with easy to operate valving and body-wear attachment features. Once activated, the sample is available for analysis to determine vapor constituents and associated concentrations through GC-MS. These personal samplers will be functionally tested in the Hanford Tank Farms in conjunction with the VMDS Pilot-Scale test effort.


  • Sample can be evaluated for 55 of the Hanford Site 59-COPCs
  • Single-sample-events
  • Air Sampling Canister 450ml (Summa Can)
  • Carrying case hooks on belt
  • Inlet tube draws air from worker’s upper torso