IH Data Access & Visualization (DAV) – Introduction 101:

Thousands of samples have been collected and are accessible in this database. Samples are collected from open areas in the tank farms, at breather filters, at stacks on the tanks, and from the tank headspace (the air space above the waste inside the tanks). Samples are collected in the workers’ breathing space (using devices attached to workers’ clothing) to monitor work-area vapor concentrations. Data is also gathered outside the tank farm fences.

How to read the data sets

The sampling results from the headspace are the concentrations of chemicals in the air inside of the underground tanks.

The sampling results from the source are from passive breather filters in single-shell tanks which are protected through establishment of the Vapor Control Zones. “Source-ENV” samples are taken for environmental information and give additional data for vapor hazard monitoring.

The sampling results from the area are in the work zone. No samples have detected any chemicals above 10% of the Occupational Exposure Limit (OEL) in the area. The samples that reflect high Reportable Detection Limits (RDLs) have been analyzed numerous times to ensure confidence that chemicals are below the OEL.

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