Employee Resources

Washington River Protection Solutions (WRPS) takes employee concerns very seriously. We strive to maintain a work environment where raising concerns is not only expected, but encouraged.


Free and open communication is an important component of a safety-conscious workplace and a strong nuclear safety culture. WRPS employees have the right and the responsibility to raise concerns without fear of harassment, intimidation or reprisal.

Avenues To Raise Concerns

WRPS employees have a number of avenues by which to raise concerns. These avenues include speaking with a manager, a human resources representative, a union safety steward or other subject matter expert. There is also an established Employee Concerns Program, a number of employee-based safety councils, a system for documenting potential issues and their resolution, a formal Differing Professional Opinion process, an Alternative Dispute Resolution Service and other options. If an employee has a concern, there are avenues that offer confidentiality and anonymity.

By providing these options, WRPS continually strives to create a work environment where employees feel comfortable raising concerns and have the confidence to do so.

Raise a Concern

WRPS Employee Concerns Program
(509) 376-2156

Hanford Employee Concerns Program
(509) 372-2139

WRPS Alternate Dispute Resolution Process

DOE Employee Concerns Program

Hanford Workforce Engagement Center (HWEC)