The Area/Stack Autosampler is designed to perform integrated continuously air sampling. The Grab Autosampler is designed to perform targeted, single and event, whole air, and sorbent-media grab sampling. The grab sampler can be automatically triggered by another direct-reading vapor-monitoring instrument or it can be triggered locally or remotely by an operator when there is an indication that Chemicals of Potential Concern (COPCs) may exist in the area. In the pilot-scale demonstration, seven units will be located around AP and A farm, including one sampling directly from the AP exhauster and one from the A-103 passive breather filter.


  • System provides capability for analysis of 55 of the Hanford Site 59-COPCs (all that are detectable using GC-MS analysis)
  • Continuous whole-air and sorbent media sampling
  • Can be remotely triggered to facilitate “quick” sample collection
  • Sorbent Media Sample Collection
  • Collects 3 different sets of sorbent media simultaneously (1 set = Sample, Duplicate, and Blank)
  • Whole Air Sample Collection
  • 8 air sampling canisters (7 samples and 1 Duplicate)
  • Canister Cases stored in 2 cases to facilitate easy handeling of the sampling canisters (4-canisters/per case; 2 cases)
  • Accepts varied sorbent media including:
    • Cabrotrap-300: Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
    • Cabrotrap-150: Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds (SVOC)
    • SKC 226-118 (XAD-2)
    • Thermosorb-N (TDX): Nitrosamines
    • SKC 226-119 (XAD-2)
    • SKC 226-119-7 (XAD-2)