Evolution of an Emergency Response

Central Plume Modeling Software

SAFER Real-Time® (SRT) is a fixed facility emergency management solution that uses real-time data to monitor, measure, and visualize vapor release events allowing planning of mitigating action. The SRT collects vapor concentration data from facility sensors along with meteorological data to model the dispersion characteristics of released vapor plumes. The SRT system will be installed and operated from locations established near the Hanford tank farms and from remote client locations. As part of the planned pilot-scale testing effort, various sensors (i.e., OP-FTIR/UV-DOAs and DRIs) and meteorological stations will be located in and around two farms (AP and A Farms).

All real-time data will be received and stored directly in the Hanford tank farm’s OSI/PI Historical data base and then as input to the SAFER system. The system will collect the vapor-related data and provide an initial indication of chemical vapor releases that are trending to or are higher than pre-determined limits. The dispersion modeling capability will then be used to predict vapor plume configurations and concentrations in near real-time event conditions.