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Wirelessly Integrated Installed Direct Reading Instruments (DRIs)

A series of wirelessly integrated direct reading instruments (DRIs) are being tested for use at the Hanford Site. DRIs either use the concept of photoionization to detect a broad spectrum of vapors or use electrochemical techniques to detect a specific chemical.

These monitors will be placed at various work locations to track any potential exposure to chemicals and locations to immediately respond to hazards. These monitors (shown below) will be wirelessly integrated to ensure continuous communication.

Gastronics Fixed Instrument Skid

The Gastronics Fixed Instrument Skid (FIS) provides real-time gas measurement for ammonia (NH3), total volatile organic compounds (VOC), nitrous oxide (N2O) and directional wind data. The system is specifically designed for long-term outside use and includes optional alarm signals, solar/battery power and wireless data transmission. The wind information measured by the units will be used to understand dispersion of chemical vapors and improve the accuracy of dispersion models. This data, along with other DRI instrument data, will be transmitted to the VMD data collection/management system, i.e. TFMCS and SAFER Systems.

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Area/Stack Automatic Sampler and Cases

The Area/Stack Autosampler is designed to remotely capture samples with whole air samples and on sorbent media for analysis utilizing GC-MS. Seven autosampler units will be located around AP and A Farms, including one sampling directly from the AP exhauster and one from the A-103 passive breather filter.

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