Additional Documents

Proposed OEL for Non-Carcinogenic Hanford Waste Tank Vapor Chemicals, PNNL-15736, 03-2006

Screening Values for Non-Carcinogenic Hanford Waste Tank Vapor Chemicals that Lack Established Occupational Exposure Limits, PNNL-15640

Occurrence and Chemistry of Organic Compounds in Hanford Site Waste Tanks, RPP-21854, Rev. 0, 07-29-2004

NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards

Industrial Hygiene Chemical Vapor Technical Basis RPP-22491-Rev1

TVAR Hanford Tank Vapor Assessment Report, Rev. 0

TVAT Implementation Plan for Hanford Tank Vapor Assessment Report Recommendations

Hanford Tank Farm Occupational Exposure and Risk Assessment Plan, PNNL-25791

Closing the peroxy acetyl nitrate budget: Observations of acyl peroxy nitrates (PAN, PPN, and MPAN) during BEARPEX 2007, ACP-9-7623-2009

Penser Workers' Compensation Claims Services Statement of Work, Contract DE-EM0003383

Memorandum of Understanding 12-19-07 from Labor & Industry, No.K1272.pdf

Engineering Controls Document

AP Cartridge Test Report (PNNL-25860)

Summary of AP Cartridge Test Report

Third Party Qualified Independent Review: Hanford Tank Farm Respirator Cartridge Testing

Employee Briefing: Hanford Tank Farms Independent Qualified Third-Party Review

SRNL-L3100-2016-00142 Evaluation of Photocatalytic Oxidation Degradation of Ammonia Summary

SRNL-TR-2016-00193 Particle Collection and Analysis from Hanford Tank Farm Operations Summary

RPP-RPT-60438-00.Rev0 Airline Supplied Air Evaluation for Hanford Tank Farms

C-105 Retrieval Industrial Hygiene sampling and monitoring results

242-A Evaporator EC-07 Campaign IH Sampling & Monitoring Results

Population Health Trending Summary, Tank Farm Hazardous Waste Worker

Strobic Air Technologies Factory Acceptance Testing Report Hanford Site

Comprehensive Vapor Action Plan (CVAP) WRPS-1700022

Hanford Vapor Integrated Safety Management Strategy (HVISMS) WRPS-170077

RPP-RPT-61280 Short-Duration Vapor Concentrations in Worker Breathing Zones

Vapors Settlement Agreement Documents

(as outlined in the settlement agreement)

The Department of Energy (DOE) and Washington River Protection Solutions, LCC (WRPS) signed a settlement agreement regarding lawsuits brought by the State of Washington and by Hanford Challenge and Local 598 of the United Association of Plumbers and Steamfitters. Follow this link for the excerpts listed from the settlement agreement as it pertains to the posting of information on a publically available website.
A copy of the settlement agreement is available at this link.