Proposed OEL for Non-Carcinogenic Hanford Waste Tank Vapor Chemicals, PNNL-15736, 03-2006

Screening Values for Non-Carcinogenic Hanford Waste Tank Vapor Chemicals that Lack Established Occupational Exposure Limits, PNNL-15640

Occurrence and Chemistry of Organic Compounds in Hanford Site Waste Tanks, RPP-21854, Rev. 0, 07-29-2004

NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards

Industrial Hygiene Chemical Vapor Technical Basis RPP-22491-Rev1

TVAR Hanford Tank Vapor Assessment Report, Rev. 0

TVAT Implementation Plan for Hanford Tank Vapor Assessment Report Recommendations

Hanford Tank Farm Occupational Exposure and Risk Assessment Plan, PNNL-25791

Closing the peroxy acetyl nitrate budget: Observations of acyl peroxy nitrates (PAN, PPN, and MPAN) during BEARPEX 2007, ACP-9-7623-2009

Penser Workers' Compensation Claims Services Statement of Work, Contract DE-EM0003383

Memorandum of Understanding 12-19-07 from Labor & Industry, No.K1272.pdf

Engineering Controls Document

AP Cartridge Test Report (PNNL-25860)

Summary of AP Cartridge Test Report

Third Party Qualified Independent Review: Hanford Tank Farm Respirator Cartridge Testing

Employee Briefing: Hanford Tank Farms Independent Qualified Third-Party Review

SRNL-L3100-2016-00142 Evaluation of Photocatalytic Oxidation Degradation of Ammonia Summary

SRNL-TR-2016-00193 Particle Collection and Analysis from Hanford Tank Farm Operations Summary

RPP-RPT-60438-00.Rev0 Airline Supplied Air Evaluation for Hanford Tank Farms

C-105 Retrieval Industrial Hygiene sampling and monitoring results

242-A Evaporator EC-07 Campaign IH Sampling & Monitoring Results

Population Health Trending Summary, Tank Farm Hazardous Waste Worker

Strobic Air Technologies Factory Acceptance Testing Report Hanford Site