Stack Analyzer (UV-DOAS and UV-FTIR)


The Stack Analyzer is made up of an Ultra Violet-Differential Optical Absorption Spectrometer (UV-DOAS) and a Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectrometer in a single fixed continuous stack emissions monitor. The system provides real-time multi-gas measurement of gases using both ultra-violet and infrared radiation providing the capability to monitor many different chemical vapors common to the tank farms. The optical spectrum analyzers transmit electromagnetic energy on the near-visible range. The energy travels through the gas field, to one or more reflectors, and then the returning spectra is evaluated to determine what gasses were encountered along the way. The UV-FTIR provide both Ultra Violet and Infrared analysis of a sample volume inside of the instrument. Ultra Violet and Infrared optical gas analysis along a closed path (small chamber where light passes through the sample many times, reflected back-and-forth via mirrors), where sample is drawn inside the instrument in an application like an exhaust stack.

In the pilot-scale demonstration, this system was used to detect chemical vapor emissions from the operating Hanford AP farm exhaust stack. The data was transmitted via wireless communications to TFMCS and SAFER Systems.

The technical details of the system can be found here: