Chemical Protection Program Office (CPPO)

July 1, 2019

In 2016, the Chemical Protection Program Office (CPPO) was established as a temporary program office to support WRPS workers and the organizations undertaking the important mission of chemical vapor protection. The office fulfilled an important task of integration and outreach while progress was made in areas including technology development, industrial health program evolution and installation of engineered controls.

Since 2016, WRPS has made tremendous progress strengthening its programs and addressing external and internal recommendations related to chemical protection. As the capabilities of WRPS organizations have grown, we are in a position to fulfill our plan that the most important elements of the CPPO would be institutionalized as part of how WRPS routinely performs work every day on one of the most important cleanup projects in the country.

Effective July 1, 2019 you will see many of the functions and products that were initiated by the CPPO coming from other organizational owners. They include incorporation of:

  • Notebook topical communications and worker engagement into similar existing ESH&Q efforts
  • IH leadership in coordinated meetings with HAMTC Safety Representatives
  • Evaluations of worker engagement and culture through the tank farms assessment program and safety culture surveys.

I want to thank the CPPO team and those that have participated in it throughout the past three years for successfully completing their commitments and moving the cleanup mission forward.