Odors reported east of Hanford’s AP Tank Farm

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Odors reported east of Hanford’s AP Tank Farm

Nine Hanford workers declined preliminary medical evaluation this morning after reporting odors near their work trailers outside of Hanford’s AP Tank Farm. None of the workers reported symptoms.

The trailers are located about 200 yards east of the AP Farm fence line. The employees were in pre-job briefings at the time of reported odors and were not in an area that requires use of a supplied-air respirator. The workers described the odors as rotten egg-like, sulfur-like and onion-like. Workers were instructed to leave the area, and access to the area was restricted.

Industrial hygiene technicians responded, and no elevated readings were identified. Samples were collected and analyzed, and the results are at or below background levels. Access to the area has been restored.

For more information about chemical vapors and the steps Washington River Protection Solutions has taken to protect employees, check out the extensive links provided on this website.