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Mobile Lab gathers data in Hanford’s tank farms – Aug. 11, 2016

mobile-vapor-labA mobile vapors laboratory undergoing evaluation at Hanford’s tank farms is helping detect and monitor chemical vapors. The Mobile Organic Monitoring Laboratory uses state-of-the-art air monitoring instrumentation to detect a wide range of chemicals. The lab:

  • Provides real-time chemical vapors monitoring
  • Locates and monitors vapor plumes
  • Monitors general tank farm area for volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Monitors exhaust stack and passive breather filters

Recent data from the mobile lab is listed below. Each map shows the route taken (in red), stops where stationary monitoring took place (red with blue circle), and the data that was collected (yellow star). WRPS will continue to analyze the data and modify the maps/readouts for maximum ease of use, clarity and understanding.