Unidentified Odor Reports

When a worker reports an unexpected and unidentified odor in the tank farms, and reports medical symptoms potentially related to that smell, WRPS follows a prescribed set of conservative procedures to safeguard health and safety.

AOP-015 procedure

An AOP-015 is an Abnormal Operating Procedure #015 (this is an example of the AOP-015 procedure from Dec. 2017. Procedures are updated regularly as part of the continuous improvement process, this procedure is for illustrative purposes only) for responding to a reported unexpected changes to vapor conditions in the tank farms.

AOP-015 Event

In the event of an AOP-015, the affected area is evacuated and employees are moved upwind. Other workers in adjacent areas are notified. Access to the area is restricted. Industrial hygiene technicians monitor vapors in the farm. Employees who exhibit symptoms receive an evaluation at the onsite medical provider. Medical evaluation is also offered to employees working in the area who don’t have symptoms.