The MultiRAE PRO provides real-time measurements and optional alarm signals when exposure exceeds preset limits. The portable multi-gas monitor contains up to five sensors that monitors total VOC via PID carbon monoxide/oxygen/ammonia via electrochemical sensor and lower explosive limit (LEL) via catalytic bead sensor. The MultiRAE is currently used at Hanford to provide chemical vapor monitoring to work teams. It will be used to support the Pilot-Scale testing in the same capacity, but with addition of wireless real-time data availability for modeling software (SAFER Systems) and protection.



  • Portable, battery powered, wireless
  • Real-time data transmission
  • Maintainable /w replaceable sensors, pump, and battery
  • Light weight w/ belt/lanyard attachment
  • 5 Chemical Sensors
    • VOC via 10.6 eV PID (1ppm to 200ppm)
    • Carbon monoxide via EC Sensor (1ppm to 500ppm)
    • Oxygen via EC Sensor (1% to 30 %)
    • Ammonia via EC Sensor (1ppm to 50ppm)
    • LEL via catalytic bead sensor (0% to 100%)