Wirelessly Integrated

Personal Monitors

A series of personal monitors are being tested for use at the Hanford Site. These monitors will be used by workers and technicians to track any potential exposure to chemicals and locations to immediately respond to hazards. These monitors (shown below) will be wirelessly integrated to ensure continuous communication.
The technologies are as follows:



The MultiRAE PRO provides real-time measurements and optional alarm signals when exposure exceeds preset limits. The portable multi-gas monitor contains up to five sensors that monitors total VOC via PID, carbon monoxide/oxygen/ammonia via electrochemical sensor and lower explosive limit (LEL) via catalytic bead sensor. The MultiRAE is currently used at Hanford to provide chemical vapor monitoring to work teams. It will be used to support the pilot-scale testing in the same capacity, but with addition of wireless real-time data availability to the Tank Farm Machine Control System (TFMCS), OSI/PI Historian and plume dispersion software (SAFER Systems).

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Loner GPS

The Loner GPS is a lightweight battery-operated personal global positioning system with multiple capabilities to include wireless communication, fall detection, silent emergency alert, and worker motion monitoring. The units will be used to provide real-time location and activity data on workers while in the farm to be used to focus future detection technologies based on the traffic data and monitor events. Additionally the GPS can be used to signal an emergency both locally and remotely through manual initiation by the wearer or automatically through the worker motion monitor and fall detection.

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Ion Science CUB

The Ion Science CUB provides real-time VOC measurements, is wearable (badge), and includes optional alarm signals when exposure exceeds preset limits. The data will not be available to the plant software (TFMCS, OSI/PI, or SAFER System) in real time, but will be available to the plant software once the data is stored for evaluation.

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Personal Whole Air Grab Sampler (Personal SUMMA)

The Personal Summa is a worker-operated personal whole-air grab sampler designed and operated to capture any vapors (COPCs) present at, or near, the workers breathing zone. The working unit includes a standard 450 ml stainless steel evacuated cylinder (Summa Can) in conjunction with easy-to-operate valving and body-wear attachment features. Once activated, the sample is available for analysis to determine vapor constituents and associated concentrations through GC-MS.

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