SKC-HAZ Scanner


The HAZSCANNER™ environmental perimeter air station (EPAS) wireless is an ambient air quality monitor capable of measuring and documenting gasses and vapors with up to 11 Electrochemical Sensors, PIDs, and meteorological data. The Hanford specific HAZSCANNER™ monitor contains a suite of meteorological instruments and eight sensors that monitor volatile organic compounds:

  • SO2- Sulfur Dioxide
  • CH4 - Methane
  • CO2 - Carbon Dioxide
  • NO2- Nitrogen Dioxide
  • H2S- Hydrogen Sulfide
  • CO- Carbon Monoxide
  • NH3- Ammonia

The EPAS provides direct readings in real time availability to TFMCS and SAFER Systems. The technical details of the SKC-HAZ Scanner are available here.

In the pilot-scale demonstration, the SKC-HAZ scanner is begin deployed outside of the A and AP Tank Farms to measure any potential for drift from inside the tank farms or measure non-tank farm sources.